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Primary School | Faculty Head Message

At Melkbosstrand Private we take great pride in our school and every member of our school community works hard to provide high quality education, care and support for every child and every family.

The Primary Faculty caters for children in Grade 1 to Grade 7. We encourage every child at all times to have high expectations of themselves and what they can achieve. It is only through hard work that they will reach their full potential and goals. We are fortunate to have extensive playing fields, a rugby field, two tennis courts and a Junior play area.

In the Foundation Phase learners are exposed to practical learning experiences which enables them to learn through ‘the hands on approach’. This includes the Language Enrichment Programme which is aimed at developing storytelling and writing through improvisation and acting through the works of Pie Corbett.

In the Intermediate and Senior Phase every child is encouraged, motivated and guided so that they develop their natural gifts and talents while becoming confident, ambitious and independent learners who know how to make informed decisions about the choices they make in life. We believe that children must be excited while they learn through being actively engaged in a curriculum that is relevant to their everyday lives. In Grade 7 learners have area being given an opportunity to develop their Entrepreneurial skills through running their own stall.  

Our behaviour system is built on a character development programme where learners are being given guidance on how to develop their six pillars: to be Christ – centred, respectful, responsible, to show integrity, to be innovative and to be brave. Learners each have a merit booklet which is enables them to earn merits throughout the year based on their attitude and effort in working towards completing the booklet. A celebration assembly is held at the end of each term to celebrate learners’ achievements.

Learners n Grade 7 are all being given a chance develop their leadership skills through a Leadership Development Programme. Meetings are held every week to discuss issues and make decisions on changes that we can make to make the school even better. 

We aim to work closely as a family, and believe that you should be kept well informed about how your child is getting on. In addition to termly parents’ evenings, you are always welcome to make an appointment to visit our classrooms and talk to staff. We will keep you informed of school news and events through the school communicator (d6) and website. We also hold several events throughout the academic year where we invite parents into the school. These include mother’s and father’s day events, grandparent’s day, sports day, reading mornings, class assemblies and more!

I am Proud to be Head of Faculty of a thriving learning community with supportive staff, directors and parents.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jannie van Wyk

Faculty Head: Primary