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PCA | Academics

Learners at MPS have the privilege to choose and develop any of the 4 art forms (Drama, Dance, Music, Art and Design) as a subject.  From gr. 7-12 learners have the opportunity to take these subjects as part of the curriculum.

GRADE 7–9:

Two subjects from Drama, Dance, Music and Art are compulsory as part of the WCED subject Creative Arts.  All 4 Art forms are available at MPS and can be chosen.

GRADE 10–12:

Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Art and Design are available at MPS as part of the subject choices for Matric.  Any two of these subjects can be presented as part of the 7 subjects for Matric.

The matric class of 2017 achieved excellent results.  Out of the 15 candidates taking Cultural subjects, we received 10A’s, 4B’s and 1C.

Music – 1A and 1B

Drama – 2A’s and 1B

Dance – 1A, 1B and 1C

Visual Art – 4A’s and 1B

Design – 2A’s