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High School | Pastoral Care

Central to our pastoral system at Melkbosstrand Private School is the belief that students need to feel well supported, known and happy in order to learn and grow. We have a firm pastoral structure, outlined below, and students know who they can turn to in different situations. They are encouraged to approach any member of staff with whom they feel comfortable should they encounter a problem, and all members of staff consider student wellbeing to be their number one priority.

The Register teacher

Each student is assigned a Register teacher who is the primary port of call for any concerns the student, staff or parents may be having; the Register teacher will have the best overview of the student’s academic and social development and will take an active role in ensuring the student is meeting his or her potential.

Phase Head and School Counsellor

We also have a Head of Phase, who students can approach directly and who can be called upon by staff for assistance.

Any pastoral issues will be made known in confidence to this staff member in order that information regarding students’ wellbeing is responsibly shared where appropriate. Our School Counsellor might also be recommended to students or sought out by them or their parents directly; appointments can be arranged sensitively, although our students are characterised by tolerance and open-mindedness and students find there is no stigma attached to seeking help.

Peer Support

Melkbosstrand Private School’s students are frequently complimented by visitors to the school for being emotionally mature and being respectful of one another as this is part of the schools value system. This is something staff value highly and try to cultivate in lessons and encourage within grade groups and at break times.

Students will regularly seek support from one another, and it is important that they know how best to help one another effectively; students will often approach a staff member on behalf of a friend and this is actively encouraged.